TG Fantasy Forced Transformation

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Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it! I know you cry yourself to sleep at night wishing you were a hot, sexy and dirty little slutty girly girl who’s primary reason for living is to suck, fuck and drink spunk. I know you wish as hard as you can that you could have a hard cock sliding in and out of your mouth right now. You salivate just thinking of your wish coming true. It’ll come true baby. Just keep watching sissy hypnosis videos and your wish, your dream, your everything will come true. But, what if you change your mind, then the doctor will see you, not much good it will do though. You will be a cum slut forever! Enjoy TG Fantasy Forced Transformation.


4 Responses to “TG Fantasy Forced Transformation”

  1. lakitycat says:

    Sign me up for God’s sake. I’m more into being a total whore than I’m about the money anymore haha

  2. Lakitycat says:

    Ha-ha, I so use to get the publication on occasions in my younger days. So glad to see they are still up and going in business

  3. unknow says:

    what is her name?

  4. Paula says:

    Omg I want a be just like her make me a girl


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