Submissive Desire

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Dirty sissy bimbo whore. You want to be dominated. Work it bitch. You know you want to be tied up. You want to serve your mistress. Sexy horny sissy slut. You want to be restrained. You want to be used. You want to be picked. Make yourself pretty. You know you want it. Wear chastity. You want to be used by many cute boys. You want to suck their dicks. You want to be fucked. You have been a bad sissy whore. You want to swallow their jizz. Open your mouth slut. Swallow it all. You know you want it. Enjoy Submissive Desire by Loltraps.


2 Responses to “Submissive Desire”

  1. Tiquila star says:

    Desperately seeking females to help me commit and embrace my sissy side I need to escape my life I’m 43 and have secretly dressing as a woman since bringing 16 I’ve been reprograming my thoughts to think like a woman with binaural beats and when I have amphetamines I just want to be a woman when they wear of I’m back to being a man again I need to meet people who will convince me to take female hormones and live permanently as a female I wanted to be a porn star I want a big cocked muscle manager to fuck me and make me feel like a sissy slut reality does not always match up to fantasy please please help me to embrace my female side go crazy and throw caution to the wind let Johnny fou-rin-ner be shackled by every day sinario’s women of the world say it proud we will help you tiquila magic things will happen please please help me become a sissy princess or alpha female dominatrix ooh arh just a little bit ooh arh a little bit more girl power Luvya peace TIQUILA STAR Xo

  2. Garrett says:

    I love this!


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