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Hi girls, I have been creating for you a 30 minute Sissy Hypnosis video that I hope you will enjoy. It is my first ever video, I’ve never created one before. But, its made up of 8,500 sissy hypnosis captions. It is entitled: ‘SissyHypnosis.Club – Brandy’s First Sissy Hypnosis Video’. I hope you will enjoy it. If you do, please give it a thumbs up at, leave a nice comment and share the video everywhere. I will be posting more sissy hypno videos soon. I have seen some really excellent ones of late, plus I have a catalog of hundreds still waiting to add. I will get to them and have them posted for you soon. In the mean time, please let me know what you think of my first sissy hypnosis video.


8 Responses to “SissyHypnosis.Club – Brandy’s First Sissy Hypnosis Video”

  1. Lakitycat says:

    Thank U, as well as very much appreciated. I love your site as shoo I often times find it hard to escape. But then I think I’m happy and not hurting anyone, so how bad can it be. It’s like I find myself having really hard time stopping off for transition this time around. It’s like the lady time was harder than the first. Now that family and all the people that know me think it’s good thing. They just no clue that the things one must go thru. Like job.

    Wishing you n yours the very best as well as thankU

  2. I think your 1st effort is very good, and congratulate your effort and work… I did study fine arts and psychology and am qualified to make the following critique.

    Your enthusiasm for the content comes through, but the imagery that may not be familiar to your viewers tends to move to quickly for the viewer to actually absorb text on the memes. My suggestion is to slow down the speed of images… or perhaps split the screen move half fast with music… and half more emphasized slower for the image to sink in and be considered for the viewer seeking hypno.

    The split screen is very effective impacting the different lobes of the brain… the left screen side being interpreted by the more logical right brain lobe….would be my suggestion for the slower side.

  3. Steff says:

    I agree with NaughtyJane.
    You gotta understand that most of the sissy captions are not there for hypno purposes, they need to be read, studied, so putting them all up in a fast sequence doesn’t do much in terms of hypnosis.
    Nice caption picks though.

  4. jgdo says:

    First of all, this site is amazing! Nothing like it.

    I really like your video and the messages, totally agree with NaughtyJaneTS on the speed, messages should run slower. I hope you make another one soon. I think it would be great if you could ad your voice in audio messages and probably some clips.I just posted it on my tumblr with an invitation to rate it:

  5. Michelle says:

    Omg this vid is sooo hott. Thank you miss brandy and please make more soon. Maybe chastity or ruined orgasm instruction vids. I wish you would be my domme though because I need a firm hand to reshape me, mind and body. Mwah <3

  6. cumingin2myownmouth says:

    i love it, im curious right now and attempting to cum in my own mouth, it makes my cock very hard thinking of it

  7. stacipennel says:

    Must say I very much love your efforts. Sort of wish there was a way to donate to u, as I very much enjoy your site, as well as thankU

  8. Hank Jr says:

    I want to become more more fem.I love hypnosis videos send me tons of email.


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