Sissy Obsession Part 6

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Hello Sissy. Somthing is different. You can feel it, too. You’ve lost control. And now, you’re at his mercy! Resistance is futile. And you know it. See for yourself. Look at your face! Look at your face!! And now tell me… tha you don’t feel any pleasure?! You can’t, huh?! Of course you can’t! Sissy! Right, you are a sissy. You want to be controlled. You want daddy to put you in your place. You are a horny sissy. Daddy is an alpha male. And this arouses you. OMG he’s so attractive. So fucking hot. You are not able to resist him. You are inferior to his manhood. Let him have his way with you. He is more dominant than you. Show him that you accept his superiority. Obey. Obey. Obey. Be his property. Totally submissive to daddy. There is no way back. You are his little princess now. Enjoy Sissy Obsession Part 6 from Lalelilolu88.


2 Responses to “Sissy Obsession Part 6”

  1. Sissy Corset says:

    I so wish it were me being fucked in the video instead of her. And being able to suck that simply lovely cock head, would have been heaven!

  2. Rikki Ross says:

    I wanna be her


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