Sissy Obsession Part 4

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Just relax sissy! Look at the girl! Let me tell you something. You do NOT want to fuck her. Because… You want to be the girl! Look at you… Your female breasts… Your sexy body… You are so attractive… You could seduce men… You like the way that men stare at you… Repeat after me… I AM A SISSY…  I AM A SUBMISSIVE SLUT… AND I LIKE IT… You are the girl! Say it, I am the girl! I Am The Girl! I AM THE GIRL! You are a good sissy… Wow, look at your face… Something turns you on… Hmm, what could make you so horny? I think you already know… COCKS! Enjoy Sissy Obsession Part 4 by Lalelilolu88.


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  1. Stacipardow says:

    Thank, as do I appreciate your efforts, being on HRT and cleared twice for SRS, I’ve never felt like a guy, like ever in my whole life, as far back as I ever remembered. It’s like I’ve transitioned twice n for some reason, I’m having a hard time throwing myself out there this go round, even though most know me. My gynecologist would love it as would my doctors n even my parents, as they have seen how much happier I use to be


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