Sissy Mindbreaker by EmperorHypnos

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You need to embrace the fact that you like being treated like a slut. You have no defining features. Your body needs to be cared for like a woman. You need to know what a nasty slut you are. You are in this for the rest of your life. You need to know that you are a slut in chastity. You are a dirty, filthy slut. Sissy Mindbreaker by EmporerHypnos Emma Nice. Enjoy.


5 Responses to “Sissy Mindbreaker by EmperorHypnos”

  1. destiny says:

    oh i am becoming enslaved. Cock slut

  2. brandipardow says:

    Its like one cant help themselves. Its like its crazy on one hand n a total turn on on the other.

  3. stacipennell says:

    Its crazy thinking at times, how quickly we becum happy & turned on at the same time, as hypnos turn us girls on so quickly really, its like i make really nice money at my job & here lately all i can think about is pleasing [email protected] n pleasuring cocks & in all its irony, it somehow makes sense, cause being on female hormones doesnt get me very much release

  4. John Hartil says:

    I just need to get more and more cum in my mouth each day now

  5. yana says:

    I want and i will !!!


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