Sissy Mind Breaker – Emperor Hypnos

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Its time to break your mind, to permanently turn you into a sissy slut for life. Sissy Mind Breaker from Emma Nice from Emperor Hypnos is a fast paced sissy mind breaking video that will permanently solidify the training you have been receiving at Sissy Hypnosis Club over the past few weeks and months. How much cum have you swallowed over the past few weeks? I hope every time you jack that tiny little clitty dicky of yours that you have swallowed every drop like a good little sissy whore. Have you bought yourself a nice realistic dildo yet? Its time to break in that virgin ass pussy because good little sissy sluts dream about big hard cocks sliding in and out of their ass pussies. Enjoy xxx


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  1. sjcarl1 says:

    I have been re-programmed. I am a sissy-slut. All I do is dream about sucking cocks (especially black) all day & night. I suck a cock every chance I get. Thank you Ana Malice.


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