Sissy Life 3

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It’s me your subconscious… Welcome back Sissy… Success… You’re so feminine. A total slut. An absolute bimbo. Doesn’t it feel good to be a girl? You can’t go back. You don’t want to go back. You are a sissy FOR LIFE. How many cocks will you suck? All of them. How many men will you fuck? All of them. Because you are a slut and you love it. Enjoy Sissy Life 3 by Gynodrome.


6 Responses to “Sissy Life 3”

  1. Sissy Corset says:

    I so love to watch cocks cum, and to see wonderful cut cocks being sucked. I imagine I am the one sucking them, making them cum. I so want to be that gurl sucking them or being fucked by those wonderful big hard cut cocks!

  2. Lakitycat says:

    Mmm it’s like I can’t get enuff. Like I know it’s wrong , but it feels ago right. It’s heavenly n euphoric beyond my eldest dreams. ThankU Miss Brandy Little for showing me in to watch, as well as being your beautiful self.

  3. So live so love hypnosis thanku

  4. That was incredible as was it even better towards the end. Found myself rubbing my billed n licking my lips ha-ha. Totally hot, thanku

  5. lily says:

    come on!

  6. Stacipennel says:

    Yummy delicious devouring ideas n thoughts, all which ate over whelming and totally hot.


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