Sissy Hole Initiation by Gargantua4

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Come here slave. I want to take two fingers, get them nice and went and stick them straight up your ass. Now I want you to stroke your cock until its nice and hard and rub right in there on your prostate. I want you to milk it. I want you to milk it all for me. Keep rubbing that prostate. Rub it more. Just a little harder on it. You are going to cum so hard, for so long. You’re not even going to know where all the cum came from. Keep rubbing. Come on. Push harder each time. Just a little bit of pressure. Stroke your cock at the same time. This is why I like you. Keep rubbing. I want to see your dick cum. I’m in control. Rub that prostate more. You are going to shoot out rapid fire cum all over and then the big explosion. Don’t stop. Are you going to cum for me, all over you? I need you to cum. You’re just my dirty anal slut, aren’t you? Finger that fucking asshole. Let your ass clentch around your fingers. When you cum I want you to collect all that cum and put it in your ass. Use it as lube. You’re suck a nasty slut. Enjoy Sissy Hole Initiation by Gargantua4.


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