Sissy Heartbreaker by Peternader

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You’re so addicted aren’t you sissy? You’re such a sissy heartbreaker aren’t you. There’s no stopping you now! Put on your sexiest mini dress and fap to ‘Sissy Heartbreaker’ from Peternader every day. You feel so empowered as a sissy, you were never a man anyway. You’ve always been a sissy cum slut and you just didn’t know it, did you princess? Are you ready to come out and show the world? You ache to show everyone the new you! Sissy Faggot Cumsluts unite! We’re taking over the world!…


2 Responses to “Sissy Heartbreaker by Peternader”

  1. destiny says:


  2. shanatgirl says:

    i wish i could take them all in my ass but not enough experience. i would blow them all though


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