Sissy Fuckslut Captured by Arabella_Sissyslut

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 Your transformation was complete. Or so you thought. An anonymous lender had paid for your extensive transition. Long blonde hair, a big juicy ass and big round tits. You were happy but you were in massive debt for all the surgeries and hormones. You had to find thousands of dollars and quick. So you did what was natural, you whored yourself out. It was not long before you were addicted. Addicted to selling your body to be used. You sold yourself to anyone. Men, women and t-girls. You made good money. You forgot about your debts. You spent all your earnings on clothes, jewelry, make-up and shoes. But one day, your debter caught up with you. He turned up at your house unnanouced. You couldn’t pay him back, so he took you. Your debt will be paid with a lifetime of servitude. Now he owns you… Enjoy Sissy Fuckslut Captured by Arabella_Sissyslut.

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