Sissy Fuck Doll Trainer by Fetishism-of-Chaos

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I buy shemale slaves to make sex dolls. Just a filthy object with no rights or dignity. You will be used for owner’s pleasure as a worthless whore. Prepare to live the rest of your life as a brainwashed fuck-toy. After 1 year of my hard and painful treatment it’s impossible to mistake you for anything but an artificial fuck-doll. During this year your only food will be 250 loads of cum everyday.

Step 1: Extreme body modification. Your tits were inflated like a fucking bimbo bitch. Bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Perfect. Now your dick sucking lips. Bigger. And bigger. And bigger. A hungry for cocks toy. Now your big ass to fill with cocks and cum. Bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Perfect just a little hooker customization. Good fuck puppet. Last thing: a massive cock! Bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And bigger. Don’t forget long slutty nails. And shiny cock sucking lipstick. Perfect. Now you look like a real sex doll.

Step 2: Mind breaking. Your body has been modified to look like a wonderful sextoy. It’s only the first part of your hard toy slave education. Only the beginning of a long year of torture and abuse. During your hard piece of meat training you see that everytime everywhere: Submit. Obey and Worship. Those big superior dicks. You dumb bitch. Stupid dumb bimbo cunt. Faggot. Addicted to that superior power of those sexy dominant black alpha males. Brainless bimbo bitch.

Step 3: Cum-Bucket Holes Training. The serious things start. Open your endless throat. Every day during 8 hours your cum bucket mouth is filled with cock, dildo and cum. You like that so much and you need more! You train to have the deepest throat like a good fucking toy. Every day you dig your dick craving throat inch after inch. Now you can swallow the hugest dick and dildo. You love being raped by a lot of big black cocks. You’re so perverted that you jab your cum-food into your throat with a dildo. Enjoy your meal. You begin to understand that you are only a well-trained toy. We can start to enlarge your little cum-dumpster asshole. Every day during 12 hours your semen recepticle is stretched. Forgotten for endless hours on a brutal fucking machine. Used by the most sadistic mistresses. Raped by ruthless owners. You’re no longer human just a piece of meat. You become a literal open-hole fuckdoll. Now you can do anything with your perfect outspread puppet hole. You love to keep your hole open for your owners. You impale yourself on everything you can find. The remaining 4 hours you sleep with cumming devices. And eat your cum-food. Every morning you put out your sleep dildo. And you’re ready for another day of HARD TRAINING! Enjoy Sissy Fuck Doll Trainer by Fetishism-of-Chaos


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