Sissy Cum Swallow Hypno PMV by AnnieWankenobi

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Did you really think it would just go away? The urge to be filled up with hot fresh cum, is there more mouth watering than big thick juicy warm jizz. It tastes so fucking good. Every spurt only makes you want more. Thick white juice on your tongue. This is what you crave. Could you imagine sucking off six guys and swallowing every last drop? This is what you have become. It’s perfectly normal. Enjoy Sissy Cum Swallow Hypno PMV by AnnieWankenobi.


2 Responses to “Sissy Cum Swallow Hypno PMV by AnnieWankenobi”

  1. ShySissy says:

    Im a cum addict.

  2. Dickstroaker says:

    I want to be sissified, femenized, given hormone therapy, and whored for black mens pleasure.


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