Sissy CEI Instructions

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Have you ever tried, licking it? Why don’t you try it right now. Just try and lick it OK? Just stick your tongue out and see if you can  stick it all the way in your mouth OK? Oh that’s a good boy. Such a good boy. Do you see how nice that is. Darling if you keep doing it, do it all the way to where you cum and if you can cum in your own mouth, darling you are going to feel unbelieveably amazing. Can you do that for mommy? That’s what mommy really wants you to do right now. Do it, yeah. Keep doing that. Just suck on it darling. That’s a good boy. Do you like how that feels in your mouth darling? You’re such a good boy. Yes. Yes. Cum for mommy. Cum in your mouth. Cum in your mouth. Hold it. Hold your penis in your mouth. Good boy. No it won’t choke you. Just swallow. Swallow darling. Swallow it. Good boy. Good boy. Wonderful job. Enjoy Sissy CEI Instructions.

Part 1:

CEI Cum Sissy Hypno 1 – powered by Hypnotube

Part 2:

CEI Cum Sissy Hypno 2 – powered by Hypnotube


4 Responses to “Sissy CEI Instructions”

  1. beth says:

    Loved it

  2. KatVana2B says:

    Nice! Just needs to be a little Longer. LOVED the part at the end…~ where it flips upside down which is the Perfect view when sucking your penis!!! I don’t Know of any other way to do it, than laying on your back and rolling up like trying to do a back-roll. When my legs and “backwards pussy” is over my face, then I can hold there until my back and hips limber up enough to reach it. STILL… would rather NOT be able to reach it because a Beautiful lesbian Dominant had a Use for Me and a DeSire to strip ALL Hope for Being a Man away from Me and changed it to a Pretty Hole open for Her Xplorations!!! 8~}x) XOx

  3. yana says:

    I want and i will !!!


    I LOVED watching the video


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