Sissy Acceptance by SissyStudent

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When did you realize it? Was it just recently or have you known for a long time now? You know exactly what I am talking about. When did you realize you were a sissy? Maybe you’re unsure if you’re really a sissy. Don’t worry, this video will help clear things up for you. Firstly, sissy girls are nothing like real men. Men have big thick cocks, while sissies have tiny cute clitties. Sissies are soft, obedient and submissive. While real men fuck girls, sissies fantasize about being them. Sissies are intensely attracted to big cocks. The thought of sucking cock makes a sissy’s clitty twitch and leak. Sissies love eating their own pre-cum. Most sissies have a strong urge to swallow a real mans cum. Being a sissy is not bad or shameful. They can’t help it, they’re born that way. The biggest difference between real men and sissies is… Real men don’t doubt that they are sissies. Enjoy Sissy Acceptance by SissyStudent.


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  1. ShySissy says:

    I need cum


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