Sissies Need A Daddy – AmberSis

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Hi sissies. Let me take a guess about what your sex life consists of right now as you stroke that little clitty for me. Perhapse you have already toyed with a little crossdressing. A little bit of lip gloss. A little bit of slutty make up that makes you feel like the sissy whore you are. You ache to be feminized. You ache to be completely emasculated, don’t you? Perhaps you have even begun starting to toy with those sissy holes? Do you have a nice little dildo collection? A nice collection of fake cocks that you like to suck on? You like to deep throat and practice your cock sucking skills on before bending over and sticking them right in that tight little sissy pussy. I know exactly what you little sissies get up. But, you need to start going one step further for us. You see what sissies really need, what you really need in life is a daddy… Enjoy Sissies Need A Daddy by AmberSis.


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