Phase 2 Sissy Training – Eat Your Own Cum – Smell Your Musky Scent by JenniferSissygurl

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I am here to help you make your dreams come true. Want to taste cum but chicken out every time? Want to feel hot, milky cum sliding across your tongue? Want to smell it? Want to taste the sweet salty taste? Want to lick it from your lips as you cum harder than ever? Of course you do, you want a mouthful, you daydream about a throbbing cock bursting into your mouth. You want it all over your hard cock, dripping down your your chin, sliding down your ass. It’s ok, you’re a cum whore and you can have your cum. I’m going to help you. But, it’s going to take some planning. Get yourself a pill box. The bigger the better. Throughout the week, cum in the bottle as much as you can, every day. Save every last drop, even the pre-cum. Don’t spoilt your appetite, wait all week. Every time you cum in the bottle stick it in the freezer to keep it fresh. This will keep the sweet and salty flavor and that creamy texture you want so bad. At the end of the week you’re allowed to have your treat. Take a shower. Microwave your cum for a few seconds… Smell the cum while you stroke your cock. Rub a little on your lips. It’s so good. Make yourself wait, it’s worth it. Get so hard you can’t take it another second! When you can’t take it anymore, pour that sweet, sticky, salty, milky, gooey, precious cum all in your mouth… Trust me, you’re going to feel so hot you’ll want to cum right away. Don’t. Savor that cum. Feel cum roll off your lips and down your throat. You’ll have more than you know what to do with. Use some to stroke your cock and now that you’re part of the club, shoot your hot, fresh load into your mouth. Yummy. Yummy. Enjoy Phase 2 Sissy Training – Eat Your Cum – Smell Your Musky Scent by JenniferSissygurl.


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