Permanent Sissification

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It’s ok. Everyone knows. It’s time for you to really become the sissy princess you have always dreamed of. You will live your dream in reality. You will be a girl. A sissy girly girl who thinks about boys all day. Your mind will be flooded with the thoughts of cock and cum. The triggers you experience while being hypnotized will make you become the best cock sucking sissy girly girl you want to be. Permanently! Enjoy Permanent Sissification.


7 Responses to “Permanent Sissification”

  1. 2basissy4u says:

    Hello,I’m Crissy and that video was so wonderful and the ladies voice telling you how would be a cock sucking sissy forever is so true…That’s all I think about is being a cock sucking sissy. I love who I am and to be told how my mouth looked so natural sucking his cock is like music to my ears. This video just reinforces just how marvelous it is to have my very small,very soft hands with my nails painted red wrapped around a cock guiding that hard cock dripping with precum to my sissy mouth.
    I just wished it was me in these videos sucking these cocks…then they would see I was the best cock sucking sissy.

  2. stacipennel says:

    These videos are getting out of hand.

  3. JimmySlattery says:

    Does anyone have any idea who made the Permanent Sissification video – are there others?

    And does anyone have a link to the “You have become porn for men’s pleasure” video? I think it’s the same creator

    thanks, and keep sucking

  4. tucker staab says:

    who produced permanent sissification? i NEED to know, i want to experience the whole series. help me Brandi Little, you’re my only hope!

  5. velocikid says:

    i want to watch the ‘permanent’ series, what goddess made it? Help me Brandi Little, you’re my only hope!

  6. Shellbell says:

    Love the site

  7. Alllison says:

    Love to be a submissive sissy


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