Be The Perfect Sissy – Part 1 by SissyHypnoSlut

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Hello there. I’m going to give you a special set of instructions to make you feel like a soft sentuous girl. You love being like a girl, don’t you. There is no other feeling like getting dressed up in pretty feminine clothes. Trying new looks. New Shoes. New dresses and skirts. New lingerie. New pantyhoes and stockings. New panties and bras. New jewelry, accessories and make up. It’s so much fun being a girl. So you are a girl and you want to do all the things girls do, don’t you? You want to look like a girl. Be like a girl. Think like a girl. You want to be girly. Ultra feminine sissy. What you want, you need. Something extra you need to be a slut. Your horniness is driving you crazy with lust. You can’t stop thinking about lingerie, stockings, and cock. So you need some guidance, some training. That’s why I am here. Enjoy Be The Perfect Sissy – Part 1 by SissyHypnoSlut.


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