My Sissy Trainer – Sissy Trance

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You are addicted. Sissy Hypnosis really has taken over your life. Watch the images. Watch the video. Listen to the tones. Listen to the audio. Feel the sissiness wash over you. You are not a man anymore. You are a dirty sissy slut whore. You love cocks. You hate pussy. You love hard muscles. You lock to suck cock. You love to be fucked hard in your ass. You are a sissy super slut. You cannot reverse this addiction. For the rest of your life you will love big hard cock. Don’t fight it. It is your destiny. You’ve wanted it forever. Cock rules your life. Enjoy My Sissy Trainer – Sissy Trance.


4 Responses to “My Sissy Trainer – Sissy Trance”

  1. Stacipennel says:

    ThankU for showing me the pleasure off viewing, as do I truly thank n appreciate your kindness. I’m having conversations with guys now n clueless why our how we come up to this topic or even how we carry on conversations about my likes or needs haha. I’m thinking it’s the hormones as these aren’t always real.

  2. Stephanie says:

    “You are attracted to men with big cocks.”

    Yes, I am!

    Men are so sexy, especially when they have big, manly cocks!

  3. severo says:

    I been thinking of large cocks for a long time over 15 years I never had one in my mouth I have fantasies about having one in my ass and one in my mouth I never done that .

  4. leonard says:

    Sexy nice beautiful like it


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