Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered

The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered

The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered

The Total Solution for a Brave New World Order
Turning Boys into ‘Special’ Girls Since 2005


Situated in over 180 acres of pristine gardens, parkland and woodland lies The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered. A total solution for a brave new world order. We have been successfully teaching, manipulating and forcing boys to become girls for over ten years. With increasing estrogen levels in the environment we have seen a marked increase in the number of very feminine males that can find no genuine place in a real man’s world. As more alpha females leave the traditional female role to pursue careers there leaves a gap that must be filled. To correct the balance of nature, these feminine boys can finally have a place in society as very ‘special’ girls.

As homosexual marriage is quickly being accepted across most of the Western hemisphere the opportunity for feminine males to find a place in society has increased significantly. There has never been a greater opportunity for feminine males to make the transition and become a valued member of society serving both alpha males and females around the world. Internationally the requirement for ‘special’ girls for use in various roles has jumped considerably since the Millennium and The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered can help fill this requirement. Our clients have included Arab sheiks, Royalty, International business people and the Entertainment industry.

Every year just 132 feminine males will have the opportunity to experience the life changing process of transition from glum to glamourous with the exclusive process, treatment and learning programme offered by The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered. With a 100% success rate for transitions and placement in society, there is no equal.

An example of the process, treatment and learning programme can be seen with one of our alumni…

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - Alumni


Being an exclusive school with varied programme of methods to suit each individual feminine male. From those who believe incorrectly that they are real alpha males, placed into transition by their stronger alpha female partners to those who are ready and willing to do anything and everything to become a ‘special’ girl. Process, treatment and learning programmes last approximately one year and may include considerable cosmetic surgery, gender reassignment and personality manipulation. Our team of expert therapists are the top of their field for psychological, emotional, physical, social, academic, financial and legal health and are well versed in the requirements of any transition patient with a high standard of care. We will not leave you unprepared for your new life as a ‘special’ girl. Once you have become indoctrinated by The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered into your new life expect nothing to be the same again. A life of glamour, money and celebrity can and has followed. We will help with every aspect of your new lifestyle. We support you from initial consultation right through transition and into finishing school and beyond including full real-time global monitoring of health and wellbeing.

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - Alumni 2

The School:

The Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered is located within a fine Georgian country estate in the northern half of the English countryside. The property boasts over 300 rooms for all aspects of the process, treatment and learning. The interior of the school are palatial with no expense spared, financed by our malevolent benefactors who have financed a multi-million dollar refurbishment of the house and grounds to include a state-of-the-art medical, training and administration facility. It is by far the perfect institution for our clients needs.

Facilities within the 180 acre estate include: Lady Michelle House, our grade I listed main block housing our state of the art medical center, treatment rooms, teaching rooms, make up teaching rooms, beauty teaching rooms, dressing teaching rooms, extensive wardrobes, shoe room, underwear room, bag room, hairdressing teaching rooms, full five star silver service restaurant serving highly estrogenic foods, administration block, ballroom, VIP accommodation and senior staff accommodation. The house also includes our finishing school, where our more experienced girls will put the final touches to their new life, whichever vocation the girl has been chosen for. Our stable block houses our fully equipped health and wellness spa for all treatments including massage, facials, body treatments, aromatherapy, reflexology, hair dressing, manicures, pedicures, make up application, tanning including spray tan, sauna including infra red sauna, steam room, sunbeds, jacuzzi hot tub, mud bath, waxing, and much more. It also houses our state of the art gym for swimming, personal training, aerobics, fitness instruction and much more. Our residents block is for those girls who are living on campus and being taught. Patrolled 24/7 for security living at Lady Michelle House is the ideal location for your transition.

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - Alumni 3

The Process:

From our initial consultation our clients can place any feminine male into the process. Depending on psychological, physical, emotional, social, academic, financial and legal requirements we can take any candidate and transition them into a ‘special’ girl. The process may include any or all of the following elements: choosing a name, hair removal, make up, dressing, personal image, voice, elocution, communication, etiquette, hair, psychological, physical, emotional, beta kitten programming, hormones, posture, facial and bodily beauty, facial feminization surgery, vaginoplasty, genital electrolysis, labiaplasty, breast augmentation, transition support, post-transition support, employment, marriage. Anything a bud needs to become a blooming flower and much more. We help you market and manipulate yourself into the ideal life you wish to lead. We mentor you in every step.


From $100,000 for one year process. Finance available. Sponsorship available. The younger you are, the less fees are needed. A 66 year old male would be $700,000 due to considerable physical surgery required. Support payments by retainer will allow access to additional services including: extraction and repatriation as well as retraining.

Finance: secured by financing from top modelling agencies, pornography, worldwide. Failure to pay the interest will mean the subject will be auctioned. Finance plus interest must be repaid

Sponsorship from one or more of our International clients. Sponsorship will also mean ownership. Girls would have no ability to choose sponsors, our International clients choose who to sponsor.

Possibility of trade back through the school if no longer required. Will include a period of retraining so the girl is ready for a new vocation or client.

Some of our current crop of graduates:

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - The End Result 1

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - The End Result 2

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - The End Result 4

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - The End Result 6

Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered - The End Result 7

Join Us Today
Become A

What do you think? Does this kind of school appeal to you? What things would you love to have at a private sissy school where you could attend and become the sissy girl you always wanted to be? Please let me know. We are going to add more and more treatments, rooms and ideas to make the Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered the most exclusive sissy school on the planet.

Of course the Lady Michelle School for the Transgendered would have strict policies, girls would wear permanent chastity devices and these would be removed for certain rituals. There would be a regime of corporal punishment including bukkake that will punish those who fall outside the rules from time to time. There will also be a regime of sexual intercourse with teachers, students and visitors depending on the requirements at the time. The weekends would include special sissy parties as well as masquerade balls for those who have achieved a certain level of excellence in their studies and process. Girls will be graded on how much of a sissy they can be, how sleazy they are and much more.

Girls will be expected to complete the entire course. There is no going back once the treatment and process has started. Those that experience symptoms of regret will receive full beta kitten programming in order to bring the girl back under control. Many of our clients prefer multiple-personalities for different situations girls may be placed within. Our clients wish our girls to be happy whatever activity they are involved in, and no matter how degrading. We will cater for all fetishes no matter how sick or twisted. Our clients get what they pay for.

Please contact Brandy Little to start your transition… to be the girl you weren’t born to be…

** This school is not real, it is just a fantasy. However, I don’t have any problem if someone rich who would like to turn feminine boys into high class whores would like to donate to pay for such a center this can become a reality. If some sick and twisted billionaire billionaire would like his friends to have a harem of sissies to use and abuse then please let me know. I am open to offers and would gladly turn my vision into reality and I know all you sissies would love to attend the Michelle School for the Transgendered.

We are looking for donations to a lottery pool that if we win, a Sissy School will be created for all sissy boys to attend and become gorgeous girly sissies: Check out: The Lottery Pool for The Sissy School


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  1. Beth says:

    Wish I was there

  2. Sweet Hilary says:

    Wonderful, my forbidden dream… i’m a Slut

  3. mirianto says:

    I dont have such many to enter the school 🙁

    Brandy: You could be sponsored 🙂

  4. Scott says:

    I would gladly go to this school and do whatever the teachers wanted me to do just to be a sissy slut but unfortunately I am not rich but this is my dream school.

  5. Jen says:

    Where do u sign up

  6. ashley says:

    I would sooo love to go to this school

  7. Sissy Bambi says:

    Wow this sounds so perfect , would love to be sponsored and owned and transformed into a true sissy slut to used in any way my owner saw fit. A life of true submission , a life with a purpose

  8. Lakitycat says:

    How totally hot wood this be if it were true. Haha to be auctioned off our to be ready for clients. Love flirting n looking hot for cock

  9. shauna says:

    it is my dream to be of service – god that place is made for me

  10. anthony says:

    Haha dang you got me excited there I actually thought for a minute there was actually a wonderland such as this granted I’d never be able to afford to go and it probably wouldn’t be worth it for various personal reasons but dang the very nice little article very very very convincing especially the end part about no fetish being to dirty all will be taught cuz frankly I have a huge scat fetish but I need to be trained on being a toilet for I know myself to well plus It tastes really bad for those of you who didn’t know haha. Well this is way to long and pointless of a message sorry but um toodles I guess

  11. Mikebabe says:

    How much will it cost for a 53 year old to be turned into a girl please respond back text me at 920-728-7046

  12. Mikebabe says:

    I wanted to know how to be added to your school I want to join your school as soon as possible I am male my name is Mike I want to be turned into a girl right now please get ahold of me as soon as possible text me at 920-728-7046 I am 53 years old how much will it cost me to be turned into a girl please get ahold of me as soon as possible

  13. Mikebabe says:

    Please I honestly truly really want somebody to turn me into it girl please I want to be A sissy girl please somebody get a hold of me so I can come to your place and be turned into a girl all I need is the address and I will program it into my GPS and drive there because I am a male and I want somebody took turn me into A sissy girl please as soon as possible please get ahold of me text me at 920-728-7046 please respond back and say that you will turn me into a girl

  14. Mikebabe says:

    I want to get started in the school right now can’t wait to be turned into a girl please tell me how to get there I will program my GPS for the address to get to the school I want to start in your school right now I’m not kidding around I am very serious tell me right now how to get started text me at 920-728-7046 or email me at [email protected] please respond back right now I’m ready to be turned into a girl I want to see if you guys got the guts the turn me into a girl prove it to me right now

  15. Troy says:

    I have known that this is who i really am and how I have always wanted to live my life sense I was 12, I’ve even tryed to make it happen a few times but failed due to family, I have and will never stop trying to become who I really am.
    I’ve always only needed some help to get me threw the door and up on my feet. And this sounds like a dream come true, I would do anything without hesitation if it meaned I could get a sponsorship

    No matter what one day I will leave this life behind to start my real life, but I want it NOW!!! And not in 5 more years.I’m sick of waiting.
    I know this school is the answer to all my prayers
    So please I beg you. Email me and help me get a sponsor

  16. Kristi says:

    It was with great interest I stumbled across this site! Being someone that’s already been through 15 years of HRT and living full time authentically since I was 20, this idea has always been one that I loved but you only ever come across, even just the idea of it, as a concept with no support at all. I’d happily leap at the opportunity, if only someone actually offered such and money wasn’t a barrier. I’m an utter slut (happily so) and crave giving myself over completely in exactly this manner. That said, money is always the barrier to happiness and fulfillment.

  17. Faye slave says:

    Omg, you have no idea how much i want this place to be real. And the idea of being owned by a rich client, who can use and abuse me however he wants because im just his property. Just wow xxx

  18. Najeeah says:

    I would like to promote this idea in arabic language,so more & more arab men will wish to turn into sissy whore.Who knows may a rich arab faggot will contribute to make this idea reality.
    I’m an arab faggot,and wish to participate in any feminisation project…

  19. Hailey says:

    as a young transgirl I’d love this to be a thing so I could become the bimbo I was born to be

  20. Erin says:

    If only this was real

  21. Mandy says:

    That would be a dream only if one does not have the wherewithal remains there dream as me

    • Changoparati says:

      Well hell girly, you don’t need no stinkin money to get sissified, just cum on down to Uncle Al’s School for the Sissification of Wayward Gentlemen, and our crack team of drug abusing Perverts will have you dolled up and sucking more cock then you thought possible or even prudent to do! we’ll even throw in a week of language studies for you for free! All you have to do is get your self to 1313 AVe. of the Camel Dung Merchants, Tripoli, Libya, and we’ll do the rest!1

  22. Dasha says:

    I already start to collect things to go do. Too good to be true (((

  23. Jessica says:

    i was actually considering paying to go to this school then i saw it wasn’t real :'(

  24. Desire says:

    Hi Brandy. I am very interested Even though it is Fiction! Pls find ne a billionaire! My Price is 10 Million €. I am 24, atlethic, i habe several degrees from university, i am a Virgin, i speak 3 Languages fluently, I can so Business , i can Cook etc. i sell my Body and my Soul for whatever he wants! You would get 50% After Tax if there is any! Pls!! Contact me!! I know ist will work. I have also other Business ideas. [email protected]

  25. stacipennel says:

    Mmm with Lakitycat still. Lust driven ambitions n goals. I eat, sleep, breath n dream about cock morning and night. As do i so love the dea of being porn or dult lifestyle careers. Its like much simpler way of thinking

  26. Kaza says:

    Its almost worth it..FFS and SRS will cost about 50-60K and to get coaching ,and all and make it a fun time.

  27. naoum patrick says:

    Hy am bottom sexy like bimbo want to come to you take me to the scool

  28. britney silk says:

    it’s such a shame,i thought it was real, i want to go to a place like this,oh well just have to keep looking,love you all,giggles

  29. xc says:

    who can be a sponsor to my feminization and sex reassignment surgery?

  30. jesse says:

    I am only bottom and open minded ıf you have a sponsor for my turn of the sex.

  31. Scott says:

    I was really believing this. I couldn’t wait to read my way down to the bottom and see how to apply.

    It broke my heart to see that it was not real.


  32. Michael says:

    Plz come and get me turn me in to a bimbo sissy my number is 256-457-3157

  33. Felicia says:

    Love the idea and wish I could be taken care of this way by a different rich client!! Gets me hard in my chastity.

  34. Jasmine says:

    Wish I had 100,000 or know how to get a sponsor lol.

  35. ANA says:

    seria um sonho essa escola !!

    Translation: It would be a dream school!

  36. Dasha says:

    I learned to be a sissy slut and should be sold at an auction for the use of Messrs.

  37. Iriereaper says:

    Wish someone would do this for me, I would love to be made into a beautiful woman. I crave cock inside me, I ride my dildo in the bathroom on miu lunch break. I can hear people in the stall next to me and I slowly slide it in and out of me hoping someone will catch me and make me his little whore. I want to be fucked by a man but I’m nervous and want to be forced by someone maybe a woman so I feel comfortable. I feel there is no safe place to explore this side of me i wish I coi of leave my life and come back and begin the life of always wanted. Being a cute girl getting fucked all day and night. If anyone can help I love I’m san diego ca

  38. Paula says:

    I would love to attend this school and be transformed into the sissy slut I crave to be. This would be the first school I go to that I would be early for every class.

  39. Rikki Ross says:

    great idea

  40. Steve says:

    I’m 51 and have known that I should be a woman most of my life. To have the beautiful sexy body of a woman. To live as a woman or to even belong to a georgous mistress, giving myself 100% to her for life. Please help me

  41. Michael says:

    I really really need to be sponsored.

  42. Davy says:

    Please change me I’m tied of being sad boy in older body feminization will be hott

  43. Jazmine says:

    wondering how much it would cost me, 26 right before hormones….

  44. jacqulyn says:

    this would be the perfect place for me to study

  45. Emma says:

    Ohmygosh find me a sponsor! lol <3 <3

  46. andrew says:

    If this real i want to be sponsered im 19


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