Invasion of the Hypnosluts

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So, you’re addicted? That’s good. Once you start sissy hypnosis, you won’t go back to regular sex. As I have said before pornography was designed to turn white men into promiscuous homosexuals. Sissy hypnosis is just the next stage. Don’t think of yourself as straight. That’s hilarious. You’re not straight. Straight men don’t visit sites called Sissy Hypnosis Club! Ravers do. You are a raver, silly. So, as a faggot why don’t you come out and tell the world who you really are. Don’t be shy. You know you get turned on by thinking about wearing sexy high heels, sexy mini dresses, make up and sexy long haired wigs. You owe it to yourself to be truthful to yourself. Be the sissy faggot everyone knows you are. Go into the closet a man, come out a sexy sissy girly girl. Enjoy Invasion of the Hypnosluts from Stephanie7.


3 Responses to “Invasion of the Hypnosluts”

  1. Lakitycat says:

    Like OMGod, that was like so heavenly and incredibly hot. Total yumminess n is like a complete turn on. I couldn’t help but luck my lips to playing with my notes n love being on edge, way more than I ever enjoyed coming. OMGod that was just totally hot n couldn’t help but love every minute of it, so thank-you for sharing as well as so just being you

  2. Stacipardow says:

    Wow, what a total turn on that was, lakitycat is me ha-ha, but that was like a total turn on. As u know I’m TS on HRT already, as have been for decades now. So it’s like I’ve had relationships with both seeded. Anymore it’s like cock is where it’s at as do I find I love the thought of being more controlled and the thought of being a whore, is like a total turn on ha-ha

  3. Scott says:

    love this video want more I am now a sissy girl


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