The Hottest Sissies – Top 5 of 2016 (July)

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Hey Sissies. Today I have decided to share with you something that I will do regularly, at least every few months. I am going to put up a short list of the top five most hottest amateur sissies, traps and boi’s I’ve seen in recent weeks. I believe you will agree with me that these sissy girly girls are absolutely gorgeous. We must all aspire to be as sexy as them. These might not all be from 2016, but this is the first list. Several of the girls I know you’ve seen. Each one would be perfect for my ultimately sissy brothel…

In no particular order, here are the hottest amateur sissies so far:

Karen Soffia aka mylittlesofy aka Nicol Sofia

Chloe Salpa:

Allie Page:

Kylie Boudoir:

Freshxdollts aka Karolinna aka Kamilla aka Carolina Ramirez:


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