High Gurlz – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl

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I’m daddy’s little sissy girl. Daddy owns my sissy body, mouth, ass and soul. I love being daddy’s cum whore. Daddy’s cum is my reward. I need daddy’s cum all over my tits, ass and face. I would do anything for daddy. Anything daddy wants. Daddy knows he owns me. Daddy likes me to prove it so daddy sells me on the street, on craigslist. Daddy pimps me out at seedy motels, at disgusting gloryholes, in public places, at gangbangs, sex clubs and bukkake parties where strangers do disgusting, degrading and vile things, things they record on video and share online. So the whole world knows what a shameless, little cum guzzling sissy fuck toy slut I am so I never forget that daddy owns all my needy cum greedy little fuck holes so daddy can black mail me into doing more embarassing more depraved, horrible acts. Enjoy High Gurlz – A Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl.

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  1. Leslie Stone says:

    I love this video! When I watch it I can picture myself being offered up on craiglist, the street, and his contacts so I can be useful for him. Im in south central Wisconsin so if you’re close, let’s talk. Im looking for a Daddy.


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