Golden Gurl – Sissy PMV Compilation by RevolutionaryGurl

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You spent good money to buy me. Don’t hold back. Make me do disgusting, degrading unspeakable things. Fuck me raw. Hold me down. I am your fuckpig. Feed my holes. Make me squeal. You own me. Treat me like the prostitute I am. Pound my ass. Share me with your friends. Sell me on Craigslist. I am your whore. I am your slut. I am your sissy faggot bitch. Dress me up. Like the trashy hooker that I am. You make me walk outside dripping your cum. You find homeless men who buy me for cheap. The money is just to demean me. You make them call me names. Cum dumpster. Fuck toy. Cock sucker. They aren’t wrong. I live to be fucked. Gang banged. Cum soaked. Turned out. Tore up. Turned on. Act out your wildest, grossest most demeaning fantasies. Don’t hold back. Take what’s yours. Don’t go easy. Take the reins. Fuck my face. Make me gag. Leave me sore. To serve I live to please. I live for this shit. I’m always ready. I’m always willing. I have no standards. I have no choice. Film me. Post it online. Make sure everyone knows that I enjoy being your cock sucking obedient cum slave. This is my new life. You own me for tonight. Tomorrowa new stranger will buy me. I can’t wait. Enjoy Golden Gurl – Sissy PMV Compilation by Revolutionarygurl.


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  1. Corina says:

    I need to be feminine and made to suck cock. I need a big cock in me everyday!


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