Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay

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Hello you sissy cum dump of a whore. Put on your slutty clothes (get fucked in them). Spend all your money on slutty outfits to get fucked in. If you dress like a whore you will be treated like a dirty whore. Play The Part! Be a fucking sissy whore! Buy Panties! Panties make your ass look amazing (for men to fuck). Dicks in your ass is the goal. Put on your slut uniform. Invite strangers to your house (use the Internet to find horny cocks). Be sure to shave all over. Be ready for men to fuck. Don’t make them wait. Greet them with a smile. Have a seat and get groped. Your Body Is His! Fuck Doll! Sissy Bitch! Ride your dildo to Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay.


6 Responses to “Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay”

  1. John Hartil says:

    yeah ~ got my new panties!

  2. michelle nastasis says:

    Anytime you are ready for me to be a sissy slut/ cock sucking whore, I’m absolutely ready.

  3. Vera says:

    Nothing better than being dressed and being used and abused at both ends. The more the better, having cum lube your man pussy with each new cock sliding in leaving behind a fresh load.

  4. maria says:

    I would like to be trained as sissy slut, and forced to be changed into slutty lady mentally amf phisically. Am living in Toyko and no chance to be like that.

  5. beautyview says:

    my fuckable sissy!

  6. 2basissy4u says:

    Go Out Into The World by DressMeUpToPlay was awesome. This sites is the best ever and I love being the sissy am.
    I am jealous in the fact that I want to see me bent over
    and getting fucked by a gorgeous black cock moaning my pleasure….


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