You Are A Fuckdoll (Sissy Poppers Hypno)

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You know you want to be a sissy fuckdoll. Embrace those feelings. Sucking cock and thinking about boys is all you do. So you really are a sissy fuckdoll. You need to make the next step. The step towards permanent sissification. You want to be feminized so much. Your little cocklet is worthless now. It needs to be caged. You need to be fucked really hard in your ass and get cum all over your face and in your mouth. You need to swallow cum don’t you, you little sissy fuckdoll. Always remember your daily training. Think of cock. Think of cock jerking into your open mouth great gobs of sperm. Think about the taste. Think about the texture. Think about it sliding down your throat. Be the sissy fuckdoll you always wanted to be. Embrace these thoughts and manifest them into your world. Do it sissy. Do it now! Enjoy You Are A Fuckdoll (Sissy Poppers Hypno) by Princess-Aries.


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