Facing Reality by Moana

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You can’t help it. You’re thinking about it again. You can’t seem to stop. You realize you’ve opened Pandora’s box. There’s no way back. You’ve changed. Now you realize this was never a game. You’re home now. A sissy Forever. So sit down. Give in to nature. Welcome to your new life. Surrender your masculinity. Trust me. You’re right where you should be and you know it Sissy. This is Moana’s second effort creating a sissy hypnosis video, please support her. Enjoy Facing Reality by Moana.

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One Response to “Facing Reality by Moana”

  1. Moana says:

    thank you so much for promoting my video… I have another one that should be coming out on hypnotube soon… here’s a pornhub link to it 🙂


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