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Get ready! Pay attention sissy. This could be you. Ready to learn? Lets go! Dress up for boys. Boys like clean girls. Don’t you want to be like her?  You can be if you… Practice sucking big black cock. Find a real girl to practice with. Before long you will surpass her. Good sissies do anything their man asks. Show men what you are capable of. This will be you. Are you ready sissy? They are here for you. Show them what you have learned. Take them to your room. Let them feel your body. Make sure they are nice and wet. Sissies don’t need lube. It’s time sissy. Let them know how you feel. Moan like the slut you are. Screem like a sissy slut. Feel their massive cocks gape you. This was your dream. But now its your reality. Savor the feeling. You have done well sissy. It’s time for your reward. Don’t forget this feeling sissy. Are you ready? Enjoy Dirty Talk by SissySarah.

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  1. billie says:

    I am a sissy boi. I wear panties as often as i can and bras and slips also. I am not a man. I am a sissy. I rub myself through my panties and do not stroke myself like a Real Man would. I do not have a cock or a penis but a 1.8 inch clit that never gets hard, it is always limp. I am a sissyboi, a femboi and i am in hiding from my wife and family. I love rubbing my clit to your videos, it is very exciting and helps me to get off after several painful hours of edging right on the brink of orgasm until I can’t take it any longer and release to Orgasm. I rub my nipples while I masturbate and feel very tender in my breasts. Please send me Sissy Hypnosis in my emails. Love to all you girls! billie


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