Bi Confusion by Arthanos

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Hey sissy. How are you? Are you excited? Are you excited for cock? Yes you are! Cock turns you on. Because you are a sissy faggot. Have you sucked a big hard cock yet? Even a nice juicy dildo? I know you fantasize about it all the time. Why not make the leap from the closet to your new lifestyle. Nobody will judge you. Nobody will laugh. Being a sissy is every femboi’s right. It’s illegal for anyone to stop you from doing as you want. Its a brave new world. Homosexuality is legitimate. Dressing however you want is your right. Embrace it. This new age will see more and more white weakling sissybois turn into girly girls. It might not be legal to drink alcohol, get married or drive a car, but to change sex it is your right to become a girl whenever you want! The younger the better for society. Society needs more white sissy girls as real females becomes more masculine. So, you are doing a service for humanity. Embrace it. Do your duty. Become a slutty girly girl today. That’s what you want, isn’t it sissy? Enjoy Bi Confusion by Arthanos

Bi Confusion 1

Bi Confusion 2

Bi Confusion 3


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