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I am a sexy 26 year old sissy slut. I've been this way since I hit puberty. Nobody knows I am this way. But, I am addicted and I can't stop thinking about sucking cock & swallowing sperm. This is why I created this site, because it turns me on that sissy hypnosis turns you on. LGBTTQQIAAP. Enjoy xoxo

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Cum Whore 4 by Miscon

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Cum, jizz you need lots and lots of cum. You want lots and lots of cum. Cum is the only medicine. It’s the only cure that will bring you to the truth that cum is your salvation. I am going to show you how to get all the cum you need so you never have to live that lie again. You’ll never have to pretend. You’ll always be a perfect little sissy faggot. The one you know you’ve always meant to be. It’s so easy. All you have to do is relax and stroke that cock. Let your mind open. Let your ass open, because I’m going to destroy it. You want to be a good little sissy slut. You’re tired of playing games. You’re tired of pretending. You want to be the perfect little bimbo whore. Stroking your cock. Nice and slow. That’s right. I want you to look down at that throbbing hard dick and know that it’s pleasure means nothing. Nothing. That’s right, sissy little faggots like you don’t deserve pleasure. You don’t deserve fuck all. Your precum that just be tasted. Taste that sweet nectar. I want you to squeeze your cock. Squeeze it. Take your finger and swab your little fucking piss hole and lick up that precum. Eat that precum bitch. Enjoy Cum Whore 4 by Miscon.

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Sissy Transformation Story by SissyNewLifeStory

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 You can’t take it anymore. You’re tired of being a boy today. You want to be a gurl. You bought pretty make up. Pretty eyeshadow. Pretty blush. Pretty lipstick. A pretty blonde wig. All to become a pretty blonde gurl. You put pretty pink lipgloss on to match your pretty pink dress. Lipgloss also helps you practice. “I want a MAN to fuck me soooo bad.” “I’ll post a backpage ad just for fun.” “Name, sex, number.” “I’m probably not pretty enough.” “Done.” What’s this you already got a text? Enjoy Sissy Transformation Story by SissyNewLifeStory.

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Sissy Slut School by AmberSis

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Welcome to the sissy slut school. At this academy you are going to be learning how to become a complete submissive slut. Constantly dressing like a slut. Do you know what happens to girls who dress like sluts? Yeah, they get dick. They get treated like sluts. Open your fucking mouth. Let’s see how much of a slut you are. There are two types of ladies in this world, sluts and proper women. I think you’ve decided which one you want to be. You want to be a slut, don’t you. You want to be used by a man and you want to have your mouth fucked. Open up. You are going to use all your holes. They are going to fuck every orofice you have. Make yourself more attractive so people want to fuck you. Every day cock after cock going down your throat. You’ll be a proper cum guzzler. Enjoy Sissy Slut School by AmberSis.

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Sissy Dream by Miscon

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Relax your mind. Enter a deep trance. Become open. Fall deeper. Good girl. That’s right. Yes. Go deeper. You want to submit. Soften your breathing. Relax your body. Give in. Embrace your destiny. You love cock. You love cum. You love cock. You love cum. Good girl. Enjoy Sissy Dream by Miscon.

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How I Accidentally Went Gay by SissyNewLifeStory

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Nobody accidentally goes gay. You are gay and have been gay for a long time. It took you quite a while to realise it and come to terms that your new status in life is as a sissy slut. You have always loved cock more than pussy, in fact I would go as far as saying you can’t stomach pussy. Cock rocks your world and that is how it shall be from now until eternity. When you first started looking at porn on the Internet it didn’t take too long for you to realize that you loved cock so much, didn’t it? So much so that you became addicted to porn. You have come so addicted to porn that sissy, shemale and gay porn is all that can get you off. Being the girl in every scene is all you think about. Wearing girly clothes, shoes, growing your hair and perfecting your make-up is how you want to live your life now, isn’t it? You can never return to being a real man. Sissy Hypnosis works. It’s worked its magic on you. Sissy. You can never, ever, ever return from your status as a slutty, filthy, horny, sissy whore. Good girl. Good girl.

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