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I am a sexy 26 year old sissy slut. I've been this way since I hit puberty. Nobody knows I am this way. But, I am addicted and I can't stop thinking about sucking cock & swallowing sperm. This is why I created this site, because it turns me on that sissy hypnosis turns you on. LGBTTQQIAAP. Enjoy xoxo

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Spells – A Feature Length Romantic Hypno by MrsDevilTheory

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What the heck is SPELLS?

It’s a movie. With a beginning, middle and end, and some commercials sprinkled in. Is it a typical narrative? Not necessarily. But there’s enough there to dissect and apply to one’s own persona. YOU are the star.

SPELLS is an almost 2 hour experience that I hope is full of entertainment and rewatchability. It doesn’t shy away from humor, it’s bittersweet at times, motivational, and overall really wacky. And it escalates from gentle solo stuff to group therapy, so there’s something for everyone.

Sooo… What kind of Hypno is this?

It’s many things and open to interpretation. At times psychedelic with gaudy fluorescence, where at other points it is naïve, inspired, and utterly seductive. It utilizes REAL hypnotic techniques, but is totally fair for casual viewing (like say, playing in the background of a Sissy Party). There are audio and visual cues that demand to be satisfied, but how far will you go?

Poor Mode – The basic stuff! You can partake in almost half of the text cues.

Lucky Mode – Now you’re flying with class! You can do all the text cues as well as some of the verbal cues.

Hookup Mode – Everything is better with a friend. Choose your Player Character and explore each other like never before.

Player… Character?

Yes. SPELLS appeals to all sorts of audiences, and thus, offers two ways to view the movie. Either as a sub or a dom.

Why is there so much music?

Music is life. It moves us and binds us together. But best of all, a song can trigger patterned responses or memories when it is recognized out in the wild (the real world). This can only happen when music is in conjunction with positive feelings, subliminal messaging, and rhythmic trances and reinforced metaphors. Every chapter tries to explore different genres.

Wait, what, how many Chapters are there?

There are 5 chapters that will guide you on your journey. You are encouraged to observe them all in order:

Demonstrate | Advance | Discipline | Destination | Yearn

Will it make me go deeper?


Best practice to enjoy the movie?

Download it. And then watch it on a big screen TV. Clear out your living room, and set some candles. Begin with your girly clothes laid out in front of you and make sure you have a party favor on hand (whether it is 420, wine, poppers, etc).

Partner optional.

BE MINDFUL. It’s only a movie.

Please check out MrsDevilTheory’s PornHub link & Reddit profile.

MrsDevilTheory’s Bitcoin Account: 3BbwDEyKSUXRQy8b9mApGnGYTytTSY8QYW

Miss Cassie Britney Trainer 2 – Rebooted and Extended by Fagminator

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 During this video you will drink multiple cum loads. You will be told when to swalloow it. You need to save up 13 loads in the freezer. Thaw the loads and separate 6 of them. Put 2 more loads in one container. Put the rest in a cup. Stop the video now until you have the cum ready. Put on some sexy lingerie or strip naked. Set the cum in front of you, within easy reach. Dim the lights and turn up the volume. Are you ready to become the ultimate cum slut? Let’s Go! Enjoy Miss Cassie Britney Trainer 2 – Rebooted and Extended by Fagminator.

#getBLACKED by Impolivuy

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The purpose of sex is impregnation. Women today will have more choice in who they select to be impregnated by. Women will make this selection based on various factors. Factors such as: Penis size, Stamina, Dominance, Social status, More girls are watching porn than ever before. This is teaching them who to breed with. Can you guess who they’ve been taught to breed with? Big black dildoes are now a common item in white teenage girls bedrooms. In your mothers closet. In your girlfriends mouth. In your wife’s pussy. Blacked dot com is in the browser history of every white girl you know. The fantasies of white women no longer include white men and there is literally nothing you can do but watch. Enjoy #getBLACKED by impolivuy.

How Does Cum Feel Down Your Throat? – by FinallyFeminine

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Delicious cock. Pretty makeup. You are addicted to cum. That’s not a problem. Because you’re a girl. Curvy body. High voice. Smooth skin. Emotional. You’re a pussy and you love it. Explore femininity. You’re the mouth, not the cock. What are you waiting for? Become the girl you desire to be. And try gulping cum down your throat, it’s heaven. Enjoy How does cum feel down your throat? by FinallyFeminine.

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Sissy Cumslut Training by Cicitxbottom

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Get some headphones and some poppers. You are about to be mind fucked. You love dick. Cum covered dick. You’re a cum slut. Enjoy Sissy Cumslut Training by Cicitxbottom.