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I am a sexy 26 year old sissy slut. I've been this way since I hit puberty. Nobody knows I am this way. But, I am addicted and I can't stop thinking about sucking cock & swallowing sperm. This is why I created this site, because it turns me on that sissy hypnosis turns you on. LGBTTQQIAAP. Enjoy xoxo

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The Perks Of Being A Sissy by SissyLadyB

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Sissy. You want to be a girl. You love being feminine. Cock lover. You want to look like the sexiest blonde bimbo sissy slut in the world. You want to drain balls all day long. You buy a lottery ticket wishing you would win to make all your dreams come true. You need to transition. Be the best blonde bimbo cock socket. You love making men hard. Accept that your future is female. Sissy Hypnosis is working. Taste your precum. There’s no escape. You are addicted. No going back now. Push forward. Be a girl. All it takes is money. Believe you are a girl. This is not a phase. You really are a girl. Accept it. All you think about are boys all the time. Suck cock. Swallow cum. You know its your destiny. Feminize Now. Dress up sissy. Become a real life barbie doll. You have no willpower. Transition. Enjoy The Perks Of Being A Sissy by SissyLadyB.

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Cock Craving Cuckold Trance PMV by OozeCompilations

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I bet you thought that when I married you I would be a good loyal wife and only fuck your cock. Well you thought wrong. There’s a better cock out there and I want to be pleased. I bet you thought that you’d get to eat my pussy whenever you wanted. Huh? But now, I decide what goes in your mouth… I want you to open wide and I want you to stick his hard cock deep down your throat. And I am going to love watching you get filled up with his cock while you whine and cry and beg him not to. Just gets me more and more excited. The more you cry, the more I like it and the further I want his cock stuffed down your throat. I want you to slam the back of your throat right on the tip of his cock. I want you to choke and spit and make a filthy fucking mess. Enjoy Cock Craving Cuckold Trance PMV by OozeCompilations.

Sissy Dreaming by BackDoorMan

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So, you think that you are a boy, do you? Oh you silly. You have always been a girl. And such a good girl. Such a good sissy. I want you to breathe in nice and slow. And then out. I want you to relax for me. I want you to breathe slowly for me. Soon you will be under my thumb. You cute sweet little girl. Breathe in nice and slow. Yes. And then breathe out. I’ll show you how to be the best little sissy girl. The cutest sweetest little sissy that you can be. Breathing in. And breathing out. My sissy my good girl. Now you are in my house. You’re my live in sissy. My best girlfriend. My gal pal. You’re a girl just like me. A cute, good girl. Imagine that you have a big date coming up, both of us have big dates my cute pretty hot sissy girl. You love the thought of planning for a big date, you know why? Because you’re a girl. A real girl. You choose some cute lingerie. Something pretty, and pink and lacy to wear under your dress. You’re so beautiful. Enjoy Sissy Dreaming by BackDoorMan.

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Cock Confusion by BackDoorMan

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I want to hear you say ‘I love the cock’. I want you to wrap your lips around the cock. I want you to hear you say ‘I want cock now’. I want to hear you say ‘I am a cock loving faggot’. Say it ‘I worship the cock’. I want you to go to a gay porn site with man-on-man action, dicks fucking asses, men on their knees. I want you to look at that fag porn and I want you to jerk your dick to men fucking men. Then I want you to cum all over yourself. And when you cum I want you to scream out ‘I am a fag’. I want you to jerk your dick to men fucking other men in the ass, isn’t that yummy. Don’t you love that. Turn into my little queer. I want you to say ‘I am a little queer faggot’. That’s what I like to hear. I knew it wasn’t that hard. You’re never going to come out of loving cock. That’s embedded for life. You are a cock worshipping faggot bitch. Enjoy your life sissy. Enjoy Cock Confusion by BackDoorMan.

Who You Are – Sissy Jasmine

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Welcome back baby! We missed you. It’s okay to feel confused. We are going to help you embrace the woman inside you. You always wanted to wear panties. You love how it cuddles your clitty. Everthing is a dick for you. You love wearing girly clothes. Imagine having these boobs. A feminine body. Silky smooth body. You are a girl. It’s okay to wear lingerie. Get a pair of high heels. Start taking hormones. Always act girly and slutty. You can be her! A sexy goddess. No man will ever resist you. The thought of pleasing men consumes you. Worship alpha men. You were always a girl. Sucking cock is your destiny. You are too good at it. Women are beautiful. You are beautiful. Start your new life. All this can be yours. THis is your purpose in life. Pleasing men. Treated like a slut. Embrace the woman inside you. Let her free! You won’t regret it. Sissy Slut. Enjoy Who You Are by Sissy Jasmine.