Accept Who You Are by GeorgiaInDeep

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Stop fighting it. You want to be a girl so badly. So become one today. Buy that dildo. Buy that make up. Buy that slutty outfit and heels. This is your time to be who you really want to be. You really want to be a girl. You don’t need hypnosis. You have known you are a faggot sissy slut for a long time. You want to suck dick. You want to swallow cum. Sucking cock and having a real man slam his huge member up inside your boi pussy is the ultimate thrill for you. You know that you have become the sissy slut of your dreams when that real alpha male spurts his hot creamy load all over your tongue. Remember, no spitting sissy. You swallow it down. The more you swallow, the more feminine you will become. The first load you take will change you forever. Let that girl out, stop living in the closet. Its time. Enjoy Accept Who You Are by GeorgiaInDeep.

Accept Who You Are I (First Edition)

Accept Who You Are II (Second Edition)

Accept Who You Are III (Third Edition)


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