Cumslut Destiny 2 by EmperorHypnos

Cumslut Destiny 2 by EmperorHypnos

You want them to cum. You want them to cum so bad. You love cum so much that is all you think about all day and all night. So embrace your urges sissy slut. Become the cumslut of your dreams. Cum rules your world. You love it, don’t you. Sucking on all those dicks. Swallowing all that creamy milky sperm. It rules your world, doesn’t it? Enjoy Cumslut Destiny 2 by EmperorHypnos.

‘Sissy Semen Guzzler’ The Ultimate Sissy Achievement

‘Sissy Semen Guzzler’ The Ultimate Sissy Achievement

Something a little different today. Something you are going to enjoy as a sissy cumslut. You love cock, but most of all you like cum. Cum is what you crave. Say it loud. Say it proud. You are proud to be a cum worshipping sissy whore. Today you are going to take load after load into your little sissy mouth, whether that is from your finger, your hand, a shot glass, a plate, or even from the source. You’d love to be plastered in sexy shimmering and shiny spunk. You would swallow as many loads as you could, remembering to gargle and swap with a friend first. You would spit those loads out into a jug, and fill that jug to the brim and chug it back, or make some cum shots. You’d go so far as having an entire meal made from semen. Semen for an appetizer. Semen for a main course. Semen for dessert. But, most of all you’d love to drink great big glasses full. I know you would. Enjoy achieving the Ultimate Sissy Achievement, becoming a ‘Sissy Semen Guzzler’.

Sperm Is What You Crave!

How about some sperm shots?

How about a cum omelette?

How about another cum omelette?

What about a cum shake to wash it all down?

Cum for every meal…


Sissy Jackpot by BackDoorMan

Sissy Jackpot by BackDoorMan

Lay down in a darkened room. Insert a plug or a prostate massager. En-route for a sissy orgasm. I wonder if you can make your dreams a reality. Having an orgasm without even touching your cock. Enjoy Sissy Jackpot by BackDoorMan.

Sissy Jackpot – powered by Hypnotube

Boyfriend to Girlfriend by AmberSis

Boyfriend to Girlfriend by AmberSis

You are a girl. A sissy made by and for goddesses. Powerful women reject masculinity. Sissies worship powerful women. Moulded by their desires into the perfect submissive sissy girl.

Do you want to get out of that man body? Obey. Do you want me to show you a better way? Submit. A way to overcome yourself and become exactly what I want you to be. My little bitch. Give in.

How do you feel about being a slave sissy bitch to sexy lesbians? Oh yes. Dressed up all slutty. Yeah. You in lots of pink lace. Think like a girl. Dress like a girl. That’s right. Dress you up in frilly panties. We have lots of use for you as our sissy serf you know. Dress to impress.

Turns me on have you sitting there dressed up as my sissy slut not allowed to touch yourself. You like being in those frilly panties don’t you? Me and my girlfriend are going to keep you in sissy clothes and put you in frillier, girlier stuff. You are never going to be allowed to wear a mans clothes again. Do you understand me? Denounce your masculinity. Train your pussy.

And I get to lock you up in chastity. Put you in a pair of panties. This is part of your training. Cock is power. Yeilded by anyone, but you!

Enjoy Boyfriend to Girlfriend by AmberSis.

Sissy Mind Warp by CDSissyCaps

Sissy Mind Warp by CDSissyCaps

Warping your sissy brain. It’s already fucked. So where’s the harm in warping it some more? Sissy porn has crept into your mind, into your soul and taken over! Can you remember the last straight thought you had? Or is your mind just full of cock and how to pleasure it? You don’t even remember not wanting this to be your life. Dedicate yourself to looking pretty and pleasing cock like the sissy slut you are! Are you watching these sluts get what you want and feeling… jealous? You should have a toy in both holes. In your mouth and boipussy to drill in what a sissy you really are. All these big cocks and little clitties are changing you and you little clitty into more of a cock hungry SISSY FAGGOT! Enjoy Sissy Mind Warp by CDSissyCaps.

Sissy Hole Initiation by Gargantua4

Sissy Hole Initiation by Gargantua4

Come here slave. I want to take two fingers, get them nice and went and stick them straight up your ass. Now I want you to stroke your cock until its nice and hard and rub right in there on your prostate. I want you to milk it. I want you to milk it all for me. Keep rubbing that prostate. Rub it more. Just a little harder on it. You are going to cum so hard, for so long. You’re not even going to know where all the cum came from. Keep rubbing. Come on. Push harder each time. Just a little bit of pressure. Stroke your cock at the same time. This is why I like you. Keep rubbing. I want to see your dick cum. I’m in control. Rub that prostate more. You are going to shoot out rapid fire cum all over and then the big explosion. Don’t stop. Are you going to cum for me, all over you? I need you to cum. You’re just my dirty anal slut, aren’t you? Finger that fucking asshole. Let your ass clentch around your fingers. When you cum I want you to collect all that cum and put it in your ass. Use it as lube. You’re suck a nasty slut. Enjoy Sissy Hole Initiation by Gargantua4.

Shemale MX by Gargantua4

Shemale MX by Gargantua4

You feel yourself becoming more girly every day. Sissy Hypnosis is becoming your world. You are watching more and more sissy hypnosis craving more sissy hypnosis day by day. You visit Sissy Hypnosis Club daily because you want your dose of sissy hypnosis. You want to be a girl so badly now don’t you sissy. You need to taste hard cock in your mouth. You need to feel hard cock sliding in and out of your boi pussy. You need to feel the warm coating of a man’s semen in your boi pussy don’t you sissy slut? And you need to have that hard cock spurt its huge load onto your awaiting tongue. The sissy lifestyle is taking over. Embrace it. Become the sissy of your dreams. You love it, don’t you slut? Enjoy Shemale MX by Gargantua4.

Shemale MX1

Shemale MX2

Shemale MX3

Shemale MX4

Girlcock Hypnosis – Part 1 by Thats_Silly

Girlcock Hypnosis – Part 1 by Thats_Silly

So, changes are starting dearest sissy boi… Well today you are going to stare hard at the screen and trying not to blink concentrate on the instructions that this hypnosis is sharing with you. You will succumb to the knowledge that you are no longer a man, you are a sissy bimbo airhead slut. Repeat after me “I am a sissy bimbo airhead slut”. That’s right. Repeat it 9 times in your head and 9 times out loud. Remember you are being conditioned to become a sissy cock receptacle. Enjoy Girlcock Hypnosis – Part 1 by Thats_Silly.

Your Sissy New Years Resolution – Go Deeper with Bambi Sleep! By BimboDollBambi

Your Sissy New Years Resolution – Go Deeper with Bambi Sleep! By BimboDollBambi

It’s the New Year! It’s time for you to GO DEEPER! Deeper into your new life as a bimbo sissy whore. This year will be much different from last year. This year I am going to push you harder into the sissy lifestyle. I want you begging for hard cock. So, being the first of the new year and everyone sets a New Year’s Resolution. This year, YOU are going to stick to this one resolution… TO BECOME THE BEST BIMBO SISSY WHORE you can! Today you will listen to the most effective sissy hypnosis I have heard from BimboDollBambi. You are to listen to this playlist regularly and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE LETTER…

Bambi Sleep by BimboDollBambi

This is the first bimbo hypnosis and conditioning release from Bambi Sleep, containing nearly four hours of intense bimbo brainwashing hypnosis content. It is a complete and powerful training program that will transform the listener into a perfect dumb slutty bimbo girl called Bambi.

The full hypnosis session is over two and a half hours. The tracks are in a playlist. At the end of each track it automatically starts the next track. Sit back, relax and listen carefully. You are about to be truly hypnotized by one of the best:


Track Listing

00 Rapid Induction
Rapid induction that places the subject in deep trance very quickly. Requires training with track 10 until the “Bambi Sleep” trigger has been learned.

01 Bubble Induction
Induction that places the subject in deep trance. Sets the “Bimbo Doll” trigger, which is used throughout.

02 Bubble Acceptance
Powerful deepener that makes the subject mindlessly, compulsively obedient, and massively increases the strength of all following tracks. Sets the “Good Girl” trigger, which is used throughout.

03 Bambi Named and Drained
The subject learns that her name is Bambi. Her old personality is drained away. She learns that she is a bimbo and is prepared for further training with more deepeners.

04 Bambi IQ Lock
Bambi’s intelligence is completely erased. Her IQ is drastically reduced and her higher thought functions disabled. Her mind is trained to wipe itself over and over again and this effect is linked to many different triggers. Bambi is a helplessly dumb bimbo.

05 Bambi Body Lock
Bambi is anaesthetized for hypnotic surgery. Her body is transformed into that of a perfect bimbo fuckdoll. Includes breast and butt enlargement, waist reduction, facial restructuring, and collagen injections. The effects are made to feel completely real.

06 Bambi Attitude Lock
Bambi is trained to be addicted to dressing up and looking perfect. She is given deep irresistable compulsions including getting dolled up, doing her makeup, and wearing high heels. She adopts submissive feminine posture, movements and voice.

07 Bambi Uniformed
The listener is programmed to become Bambi whenever she dresses in sexy bimbo clothing. All effects of the session are strengthened by the wearing of a bimbo uniform. Bambi finds that trying to undress when she is dolled up and pretty is extremely difficult. She is conditioned to need to wear her uniform.

08 Bambi Takeover
Bambi’s control is reinforced. She is made more powerful than her old personality and given the ability to take over completely. She learns how to take complete control and replace the old self.

09 Bambi Cockslut
Bambi is trained to suck and fuck. This consists of a lengthy erotic fantasy including obedience, cocksucking, and being fucked to orgasm. Sexual submission and orgasm are linked to pleasurable bimbo enforcement triggers. Bambi is made to cum on command and this reinforces her conditioning.

10 Bambi Awakens
Bambi is made much more susceptible to hypnotic conditining. Her training is reinforced completely before she is awakened as a perfect bimbo doll. Sets the “Bambi Sleep” trigger, which strengthens the inductions used in the session for next time.

Training Order

  • Tracks 00 and 01 are inductions; only one of these should be used at a time. The rapid induction should only be used once the subject has learned to go instantly into a very deep trance with the “Bambi Sleep” trigger.
  • Track 02 is a powerful deepener and is recommended, though it adds about half an hour to the session time.
  • Track 03 should always be included as it turns the subject into Bambi and prepares her further conditioning.
  • Tracks 04 to 06 are the main bimbo conditioning tracks. They are generally optional and can be included in any order.
  • Tracks 07 to 09 are reinforcement tracks that strengthen all effects and set post-hypnotic triggers. They are also optional and can be reordered, but are most effective after the conditioning tracks.
  • Track 10 features more reinforcement, sets the “Bambi Sleep” trigger, and then wakes Bambi up.
Some ways the session can be listened to are:
  • If necessary, the subject can be trained for deeper trances as efficiently as possible with tracks 01, 02 and 03 followed by 10. This skips all but the most fundamental conditioning and focuses on deepening trance.
  • Add in tracks 04-09 as desired for conditioning.
  • When the subject has learned to go very deep with the sleep trigger, use tracks 00, 02 and 03 followed by tracks 04-09 as desired and then track 10.
  • For the most advanced subjects who can go extremely deep with just the rapid induction, use track 00 only followed by all of tracks 03-10 for regular ongoing reinforcement.


Please comment your experience during this hypnosis session. If you feel yourself slowly changing I will post another Bambi Sleep hypno playlist in February.
If you liked this hypnosis provided by BimboDollBambi please visit their Patreon link to donate. Remember, the more donations she receieves, the more sissy hypnosis she will produce.